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Turning to our company, you can count on the minimum terms and high quality at a reasonable price for self-adhesive labels.


Our projects will be remembered for their originality. Combining artistic expressiveness and the possibility of production execution, we provide a wide range of design services.


Delivery across all Russia in the shortest possible time. We organize convenient and fast delivery of finished products, for this we have a fleet of commercial vehicles of various carrying capacities.


Check out our portfolio. Own production base allows you to quickly and efficiently bring your ideas to life.

Highest production standard with printing equipment from GALLUS, Switzerland

Extensive work experience

Highly qualified staff with extensive experience in the production of self-adhesive and shrink labels.


The company has a fleet of commercial vehicles of various carrying capacities and provides fast delivery of printed editions.

Areas of application for self-adhesive labels



Soft drinks

Household chemicals


It is not necessary to use only self-adhesive labels. Many enterprises manage perfectly well with the so-called “dry” label, that is without an adhesive layer. They have only one advantage – the price.

Main advantages of self-adhesive roll label:

  • A large choice of materials compared to the choice in offset printing.
  • Large selection of types of glue (adhesive layer).
  • Possibility of using special types of material – sealing, holographic, designer, specialized (for example, wine), etc.
  • Good opportunities for artistic design, which is very welcomed by the marketing and design departments. There are many technologies that make it possible to make a product with a self-adhesive label more attractive and eye-catching – embossing, 3D embossing, embossing, lamination, varnishing, printing on the adhesive side, holographic printing, screen varnish.

What materials are labels printed on?

There are four main types of material and many of their variations.

  1. Semi-gloss paper.
    The most popular option. Suitable for both simple and complex types of labels.
  2. Polypropylene film (PP).
    Primary option for applications where very good moisture resistance or strength is required, or where a transparent label is required. Available in white, pearl, clear and super clear.
  3. Polyethylene film (PE).
    Thicker and more expensive than polypropylene film. It is used for slightly convex surfaces or if periodic creasing of the packaging is expected (for example, a bottle of shampoo). It is also used when special chemical resistance of the label is required (engine oils, fertilizers).
  4. Design paper (wine paper).
    The most expensive material A lot of kinds. For wines and drinks of average and high price categories.

How to order labels?

You can place an order by the number indicated on the contact page by contacting our specialist. For a preliminary calculation of the label price, the manager needs to receive the following information from you: dimensions, color, material, quantity.

To calculate the price and place an order, it is desirable to have label layouts “in curves”, that is, prepared in one of the vector editors (illustrator, corel). But, if you do not have layouts, we will also take up the production of labels “according to the sample”, that is, according to your real label or from an image in a raster format. For simple labels, even a simple verbal description of what is to be printed is enough.

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