Polypropylene containers of various shapes and capacities, manufactured by Agro-Pack, are 100% tight for almost any liquid media, including oils, alcohol and aqueous solutions, and they are also often used for packing pasty and loose mixtures.

Made from high-quality raw materials, containers have high strength and reliability of the lock, which provides the best conditions for packaging, storage and transportation of your products.

Own production of containers allows us to have an attractive selling price. By agreement it is possible to order the production of containers of any color. We also produce containers with IML-labels (In-Mould Labeling). The essence of this technology lies in the fact that a pre-printed and die-cut label is placed inside an injection or blow mold and at the moment of formation of a plastic container from a melt, it is literally fused into the manufactured product.

Polypropylene containers with lock and lid.

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