Packaging Design Trends 2018

Most recently, we celebrated 2017, and with it, many trends and events that left their mark on the packaging industry and life in general have gone.

Ahead of us is 2018, which will bring a lot of new and interesting things, at least we hope so. It is very difficult to predict any trends, but with your permission, we will try to do this and tell you about the trends in the packaging industry, which, in our opinion, will make a splash in the market in the coming year.

Simplified and minimalist design

Complex forms of packaging design are becoming a thing of the past, and we can already see it now. In 2018, we expect to see a large number of simplified forms on store shelves. According to recent research, the most important aspect when choosing a product is not so much the packaging design, but rather the information about the product, which is why brands will adapt and many will start rebranding packaging.

Using large fonts

As mentioned above, text is a very important part of packaging design. You can convey your message or message using the “game” of fonts, highlighting them in size and style. We assume that bold fonts on packaging will be the trend of 2018.

Nostalgia and memories

As the saying goes: “Everything new is a well-forgotten old”. Going back to tradition and classics is always a good way to indicate your history and affiliation. In the new year, we plan to see more of these designs.

Waste and recycled packaging

There is a lot of talk about biodegradable materials and “ECO-friendly” packaging now, and for good reason! Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility to nature, and the choice often falls on packaging that is made from already used products. The cheapest materials, such as plastic and plastic, are now being actively replaced by biodegradable and easily recyclable materials.

Soft colors in design

The packaging design changes from year to year, but the development perspective, in our opinion, definitely lies in soft and calm colors that will attract with their simplicity.

This year has already begun, so we are looking forward to innovations in the packaging industry.